Pottery Market Application
  1. You must be a member in good standing of Mount Pleasant Potters’ Guild
  2. Complete the Application Form below.
  3. Sign up for the required volunteer jobs – you must do two Sunday jobs plus one job either Saturday or earlier.
  4. If you claim commission credits for membership months at North Mount Pleasant Arts Centre, you must show proof of payment (a copy of either your payment receipt, studio hours tracking card, bank/credit card statement info, etc) to the Market committee no later than Saturday of the Market weekend or you will not get the claimed commission reduction.  We do not require confirmation from the North Mount Pleasant Arts Centre office.

If you’re not participating in the Pottery Market but want to help, use the “Signup For Volunteer Jobs” link below and pick a job you’d like to do.

May 29, 2022 Pottery Market Application

Market applications and questions are not reviewed until about one month before the Market date

Fill in the information below, select the box beside the commission credits you’re eligible for then click the “Send My Application” button

Detailed info about the commission structure and credits is available using links on this page.

For commission credits, select those you qualify for from this list