what does phentermine look like 37.5mg Salt Fire workshop with Bob Reimer 2011

carisoprodol e orfenadrina The Mount Pleasant Potter’s Guild is phenomenally lucky to have access to a salt kiln. North Mount Pleasant Arts Centre has a brand new salt kiln which is ready to go once NMPAC gets final approval from the City of Calgary.

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phentermine adipex-p phentermine improves mood Just what is a salt firing?

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phentermine 37.5 mg capsule picture Salt is introduced to the kiln toward the end of the firing process. The salt vapourizes, and the sodium reacts with the surface of the pot to produce a fluxing reaction on the surface of the pot – producing a glaze. The glaze will vary depending on where the pot is in the kiln and the surface preparation prior to firing.

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phentermine dvt The following pictures were taken during a workshop with Bob Reimer using our old salt kiln.

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