Users of the ceramics studio at NMPAC were surveyed recently and asked how Mount Pleasant Potters’ Guild and North Mount Pleasant Arts Centre ceramics studio has benefited them. Here are some of their responses:


“The facility is top notch. The wide variety of firing possibilities provides endless opportunities for learning and creativity for members. The knowledge and expertise that members share with each other creates a rich and creative learning environment separate from the classes.”

“What started as a hobby has become a full-time profession, in large part due to the ongoing opportunity for education, the accessibility to the various techniques and processes, and the support and encouragement of fellow members.”

“My interest in ceramics has developed through attendance at the art Centre. The access to specialty kilns is particularly important as it allows me to artistically push my work into more sophisticated directions. Those specialty kilns make the North Mount Pleasant Arts Centre unique.”

“Being a potter, one works alone and North Mount has given me a sense of community where I am able to discuss aesthetic and technical concerns. It also has kept me informed on what is happening in the local community.”

“Members work collectively in the studio. The Centre provides a safe and effective environment for potters of all levels to work together in clay. Specialty kilns help each of us to learn so much more by working together.”

“I learn a lot from other members. I saw my growth as a potter as soon as I became a member 4 years ago.”

“I have been working at a different studio for over 5 years and decided to switch to NMPAC because of the variety of kilns they have available. It has made a huge difference to my work and I feel I have grown as a ceramic artist.”

“I would not be able to practice pottery if not for the MPPG. I have been a member for about 1.5 years and learn something new almost every time I am there.”

“Until I joined the studio, all I did was work and I had a very limited if not non-existent social life. Working at the studio has given me the opportunity to learn new things and get excited about doing something creative. I’ve also met such wonderful people at the studio. One thing that I have particularly enjoyed is using the salt kiln and working with friends in this process. I’ve benefited in so many ways by being a studio member and look forward to every time that I go to the studio or to studio events. It has become an important and nurturing part of my life.”